Career Highs and Lows At The Camp Nou

If Chelsea are not to invest vast sums of money, or at least ask the manager who they should buy, then as with not sacking Ancelotti they could save themselves a fortune with sticking with di Matteo. Hey it may have happened on his watch and he may not have done anything other than not be Villas Boas but he’s cheap and cheap to sack if Chelsea’s league form is shown as the true measure of their worth and declining.

At least di Matteo no matter how miserable his managerial career becomes will have had 3 night few get in one competition this year. He may also get the tin plate of an FA Cup. He does not even have to rotate now to keep all bar Cole, Lampard, Drogba and Mata fresh for the 2 finals – Mata has faded badly lately.

A bit like Heskey when England beat Germany 1-5 even Torres scored. Quite how his otherwise awful 10 minutes gets the lead role when the goal was otiose is beyond me. It shows media fascination with people it’s chosen as better even when they are less than a goal every 2 games out and out strikers.

Drogba and Ramires plus even Lampard may have had career nights not in performance but in terms of the result.

Yet most fascinatingly it was a career low night for many:-

Geoff Shreeves ripping Ivanovic for missing the final and slurping Ashley Cole’s juices. Many felt he was a cunt.

Gary Neville’s vile persecution of a seemingly innocent ref because he was Turkish made me wonder if Neville was Greek. This is the first low in his TV career albeit his cheer leading Chelsea was so OTT one wondered if it was genuine like rather than Schadenfreude at Barcelona’s plight.

John Terry. It’s one thing to lose your head and kick someone, understandable in a way given what a total cunt Alexis was. However to lie afterwards and assume everyone is a moron including your team mates is ridiculous. Worse he is attempting to get off a charge of calling Anton Ferdinand a ‘Black Cunt’ by saying he was in fact remarking on a suggestion he had used those words. Had JT come out Beckham like and apologised and said I lost my head and deserve to miss the final he would actually have done himself a lot of good on all fronts. As it is we know he is a Cunt who is White.

Also for Terry the idea that a team that sits deep with holding players needs him bit the dust. Had Bosingwa not been on Chelsea might have won through more comfortably.

Messi. No doubt Mourinho or some other charmless type is texting him about kicking the Champions League on to the bar.

Another low for football as not an inferior team but the most expensive inferior this century parked the bus – Inter being the 2nd most expensive inferior team who did the same.

Barcelona have spent themselves into a cul de sac. Devoid of strikers, real pace, height they’ve struggled away or behind. They had no weapons to hurt even a Terry and Cahill less Chelsea consistently. Indeed had Drogba detained more by staying up field and not giving away penalties it could have been even more comfortable for Chelsea.

Come on the Blues.

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